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Have you ever been to a job interview and they ask you the most obscure, loaded question like, "So, can you tell us a little about yourself?" I usually meet these questions with a confused stare and a long "uh." That's how I feel about these, "About me" sections. 

I grew up in the midwest in an extremely conservative household, which meant our main forms of entertainment came through books, story audio cassettes, and made up games we created with our neighbors. I credit these sources as my early introduction to the power and beauty of stories. But, my love of stories and words really began with my mom and dad, who were both avid readers.

My dad read to us every night, and his ability to bring a story to life has been unmatched by anyone since. My mom read the same 6 Jane Austen novels every year and literally read through the entire list of mystery novels at our local library. It took her years to accomplish this impressive fete. 
As I grew older, my life seemed to be leading me away from stories and into a different direction. After college, I taught high school English for 7 years. It was a great experience, but I knew there was something more for me to accomplish. So, I quit. I wish I could say that the sky opened up and the universe granted me divine clarity with a blueprint for the next steps, but that wasn't the case.

But somehow, my life came full circle back to stories. My childhood was filled with stories, and now my adulthood mirrors that. In 2014, I self-published a book and was able to personally experience the power of my own story. It changed my life. I wanted to help other people have that same experience. Writing is therapy. It is prayer. It is a deep expression of the soul. Whether you are writing a blog, a book, an email, website copy - whatever - you have an opportunity to share a part of yourself with your audience, and that is an unmatched feeling. 

On another note, I moved to South Florida to escape the oppressive midwest winters. Reading books is still one of my favorite downtime activities. I love the beach, conversations, CrossFit workouts, and anything with the word, "cake" in it. 
It was 7:30 pm on a rainy Saturday night in Nashville, TN. I kept looking at my phone to make sure that I had the address right. My destination was 5th Avenue. The only problem was that I was on foot and my GPS was more of a hindrance than a help. The GPS lady gave me 3 different directives then told me to turn around 3 times. It was after the third time that I felt as though this lady was either an idiot or a con artist. Deciding that I didn’t want to deliberate on it, I tucked my phone into my purse and decided that I would channel the spirit of a local as opposed to that of the new resident that I was...
One of my favorite short stories is entitled, “The Birthmark,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story follows the relationship between a scientist named, Aylmer and his beautiful love interest named, Georgiana. Aylmer falls in love and marries Georgiana who was desired by many other male suitors because of her unmatched beauty. Their marriage brings them great happiness until one day, Aylmer notices a birthmark on Georgiana’s face. It was a mark that had always been present, but for some reason it was called to greater attention after their marriage. Georgiana loved her birthmark and believed that it brought her great beauty; however, Aylmer viewed it as a source of disfiguration...
Sometimes, life just happens in waves. There is no deeper explanation or higher meaning. Sometimes it is just life. In times past, I would have viewed the events of my life as punishment or a sign that God was angry with me. If life somehow wasn’t working out for me, then surely I was doing something that this almighty power was unhappy with. I then went on a search to figure out God’s thoughts concerning my recent or past behaviors. I wanted him to tell me why he was mad so that I would be able to fix it. I prayed, cried, reflected, read my Bible, prayed some more, then painstakingly sought out the opinions of others. At the end of this search, I was left with swollen eyes, a to do list from self-proclaimed spiritual experts, and an overall sense of defeat...
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